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Animation is among the most powerful data visualization tools enabled by the computer. VisuAnalyze provides simple, intuitive methods to animate data. Merely select a range of files, set the color palette, choose a global projection, and generate a quicktime movie.

This example illustrates the growth and dissipation of the Antarctic ozone hole in the spring of 1992. The discontinuity in ozone values seen along the international dateline (just to the east of Australia) is caused by the binning of orbital swaths into daily global files.

Antarctic Ozone Hole, Spring 92

ozone palette

In the coming weeks we will publish animations of recent ozone data obtained by TOMS Earth Probe and the Advanced Earth Observing Satellite (ADEOS).

For more information about Quicktime, a cross-platform multimedia file format, visit: http://www.quicktime.apple.com/

Both VisuAnalyze and VisuAnalyze Lite 2.0 are available from Research & Professional Services for PC and Macintosh. Inquiries for custom implementations and availability of the UNIX version are welcome.

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