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Research & Professional Services (RPS) has a wide range of experience working with governments and private firms alike. We provide consulting and other services in many scientific and technical fields.

Scientific Visualization Products
Hierarchal Data Format (HDF), ASCII, and binary
TOMS ozone data, AVHRR NDVI, CZCS, etc.
Data analysis

Internet and Web Development
Web site construction and maintenance
Graphic design and optimization
3D graphics and animation
Information design
Motion pictures and sound
Advanced HTML - tables, forms, layers, and style sheets
Advanced interactivity - scripting, database links, and java

Computer Networks and Systems
Computer systems design and integration
Custom software and database development
Hardware and software evaluation
Modeling and simulation
Communications and networking
Standards-based networks - GOSIP/MAP/TOP
UNIX worksations

Management and Industry Consulting
Management consulting for large manufacturing management information system.
Management consulting for a cruise missile engine testing and large jet engine testing network project.
Development of architecture for computers, communications, and networking for factory of the future for automative and aerospace industries.
Consulting for end-to-end validation for a very large multi-plant automotive project.
Simulation in the auto industry.
Mathematical modeling.
Management consulting for industrial automation vendor for strategic planning for development of future product line.

End user training.
Lab training.
Training for new technology, such as GOSIP based networking.
Computer hardware and software training.
Help desk management and training.
Classroom training.

Applied Science and Engineering Services
Computational mechanics using finite element methods for stationary and time dependent systems:

solid mechanics
fluid dynamics
heat conduction
field problems

Computer aided engineering
Process control and automation
Environmental and air quality control systems

Research and Development
Internal combustion engines
Fluid flow
p-version finite element analysis
Aircraft control
Control systems
RISC microprocessors
Generalized visualization and analysis

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