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Research & Professional Services (RPS) is a small,          multi-faceted, high tech business specializing in providing solutions, services, and products to government agencies and small and large businesses in the areas of:

Scientific Visualization Products
Internet and Web Development
3D Graphics & Animation
Computer Networks and Systems
Management and Industry Consulting
Applied Science and Engineering Services

RPS has provided efficient, cost-effective access to critical technologies for clients in private industry, government, education, and many other fields since 1986. If technology plays a critical role in your organization's future - we're ready to help.

Visuanalyze and Visuanalyze Lite

Powerful, easy-to-use, standard software solutions for visualization & analysis of satellite data sets.

New: Animation is one of the upcoming features of VisuAnalyze.

Thousands of copies of VisuAnalyze have been distributed worldwide as an integral part of NASA's TOMS data CD-ROM series. This multi-platform software solution is the right choice for visualization and analysis of TOMS data, but it's not the whole answer. For serious studies of this critical data, and many other data sets, RPS offers two upgraded versions - VisuAnalyze and VisuAnalyze Lite 2.0.

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RPS Global Projects

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